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Wolfgang Langhans: Course units in Spring Semester 2016

Name Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Langhans
Dep. Gesundheitswiss. und Technol.
ETH Zürich, SLA C 3
Schorenstrasse 16
8603 Schwerzenbach
Telephone+41 44 655 74 20
Fax+41 44 655 72 06
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology
RelationshipProfessor Emeritus

376-0004-01LLab Introduction to Health Sciences and Technology Restricted registration - show details
Exclusively for Health Sciences and Technology BSc students.
2 credits2PR. Müller, W. Langhans, A. Mansouri, R. Riener, C. Wolfrum
376-0008-00LAdvanced Anatomy and Physiology II Information Restricted registration - show details
Only for Health Sciences and Technology BSc.
4 credits4VK. De Bock, M. Detmar, M. Flück, W. Langhans, C. Spengler, C. Wolfrum, further lecturers
551-1502-00LSystems Biology of Complex Disease: Medical Sciences Information 3 credits4SM. Stoffel, K.‑H. Altmann, W. Krek, W. Langhans, G. A. Spinas, C. Wolfrum
752-6302-00LPhysiology of Eating Information 3 credits2VW. Langhans, S. J. Lee, A. Mansouri
752-6306-00LPhysiology and Anatomy II Information 3 credits2VW. Langhans, R. Clara
766-6304-00LTheory and Practice of Nutritional Science2 credits2GW. Langhans, A. Mansouri