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Marc Burger: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2016

Name Prof. Dr. Marc Burger
Dep. Mathematik
ETH Zürich, HG G 37.1
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 49 73
Fax+41 44 632 10 85
RelationshipFull Professor

401-3532-08LDifferential Geometry II10 credits4V + 1UM. Burger
AbstractThe aim of this course is to give an introduction to Riemannian Geometry and modern metric geometry.
ObjectiveRiemannian Geometry, metric geometry.
ContentThe aim of this course is to give an introduction to Riemannian Geometry and modern metric geometry. We will present the basics on affine and riemannian connections, discuss existence and properties of geodesics; then we proceed to the central concept of riemannian curvature tensor and its various avatars, like sectional curvature and scalar curvature. We will then move to Topogonov's comparison theorems. This constitutes the bridge with metric geometry and the modern notion of negative curvature, which applies to singular spaces, and constitutes the topic of the second part of this course.
Lecture notesWill be made available.
LiteratureM.P. do Carmo, "Riemannian Geometry", Birkhauser, 1992

M. Bridson, A. Haefliger, "Metric Spaces of Non-Positive Curvature",
Springer 1999.
Prerequisites / NoticePrerequisite are the sections concerning manifolds and tangent bundles of the Differential Geometry I course, Fall Semester 2015.
401-5000-00LZurich Colloquium in Mathematics Information 0 creditsW. Werner, P. L. Bühlmann, M. Burger, S. Mishra, R. Pandharipande, University lecturers
401-5530-00LGeometry Seminar Information 0 credits1KM. Burger, M. Einsiedler, A. Iozzi, U. Lang, V. Schroeder, A. Sisto
AbstractResearch colloquium