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529-0580-00L  Risk Analysis of Chemical Processes and Products

SemesterSpring Semester 2016
LecturersK. Hungerbühler
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractScientific methods for characterization of risks and environmental impacts of chemicals.
ObjectiveBasic understanding for methodology of Process Risk Analysis, Product Risk Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment.
ContentCentral to this lecture is the characterization of risks and environmental impacts of chemicals (from both production and application) by means of Process- and Product Risk Analysis as well as Life Cycle Assessment. Emphasis is put on scientific methods and their problem-oriented application in the field of chemical process and product technology.
Contents: Qualitative and quantitative methods of risk characterization by means of modeling and by comparison of (1) probability and consequences (short-term scenarios) and (2) exposure and does-effect relationship (long-term scenarios); use of molecular structure and physicochemical substance properties as descriptiors of substance-specific hazard indicators regarding mobility, persistence, toxicity, fire/explosion, etc.; derivation of conceptual design criteria for inherent safety and eco-efficiency in chemical process and product systems; sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
LiteratureBook: Hungerbühler, Ranke, Mettier
"Chemische Produkte und Prozesse - Grundkonzepte zum umweltorientierten Design"

Springer Verlag
ISBN 3-540-64854-2
Prerequisites / NoticeAccompanied by industry case study (group work)