From 2 November 2020, the autumn semester 2020 will take place online. Exceptions: Courses that can only be carried out with on-site presence. Please note the information provided by the lecturers via e-mail.

851-0326-00L  Nationalism and Postnationalism in Modern Judaism: Historical Developments and Current Debates

SemesterSpring Semester 2020
LecturersC. Wiese
Periodicitynon-recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractSince the emergence of the Zionist movement in the 19th century multiple interpretations of the concept of nation and nationalism within Judaism have been discussed. The course introduces these debates and discusses the continuing historical and political discourse on Zionism, Post-Zionism and postnationalism.
Objective1. To deepen the knowledge about inner-Jewish political debates about the goals and the nature of Jewish nationalism as well as alternative self-conceptions.
2. To gain insights into the polyphony of historical and political discourse.
3. To strengthen the ability to understand historical and contemporary texts within the political context of the respective time period.