252-0840-01L  Introductory Programming in MATLAB

Semester Spring Semester 2016
Lecturers T. Hruz
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction German

Abstract The lecture "Introductory Programming in MATLAB" provides a basic knowledge about imperative programming. Additionally, the students learn how to apply imperative programming in modeling of domain specific systems.
Objective The students should learn how to write programs in MATLAB, resp. how to understand, change and extent existing programs.
Content A basic knowledge about imperative programming is explained together with algorithms and data structures for simulation tasks in MATLAB. Additionally, the techniques how to modularize large programs are discussed. During the exercises the students write their own programs in team. The course is closed with a larger project which simulates a complex system from the students main domain of study.

1) MATLAB installation, MATLAB programming environment, Help, variables, expressions, floating point number representation
2) Modeling and simulation in Environmental sciences
3) Program branching, loops, propositional logic
4) Matrices in MATLAB
5) 2D visualization in MATLAB
6) Function, Modularity, Stack, local Variables (scope)
7) Rekursion, 3D visualization
8) Modeling and simulation of dynamic systems in MATLAB
Literature Einstieg ins Programmieren mit Matlab, U. Stein, Carl Hanser Verlag.