151-0653-00L  Introduction to Bio-Inspired Robotics

Semester Autumn Semester 2013
Lecturers F. Iida
Periodicity yearly course
Language of instruction English

Abstract There are still a number of things that biological systems can do better than our robotic systems. In this lecture, we introduce the state-of-the-art research achievements in the field of bio-inspired robotics and learn the fundamentals of interdisciplinary research area.
Objective The main goal of this course is to provide students the fundamentals of biological and engineering tools to systematically explore the interdisciplinary field of bio-inspired robotics. Students will learn how to observe nature, how to abstract underlying principles, and how to develop artificial systems based on bio-inspirations. Toward the end of semester, the students will apply the acquired techniques to an individual small research project.
Content This course covers the following four topic areas: Modeling of dynamics in biological systems; Modeling of bio-inspired robots; Simulation and analytical tools; Motor control and learning of dynamic mechatronic systems. In addition to a regular lecture series, the participating students will be asked to do hands-on simulation/hardware exercises as well as small research projects.
Lecture notes The main part of lecture notes will be provided online.
Literature Relevant literature will be suggested during the lecture.
Prerequisites / Notice Basic knowledge of classical mechanics and control engineering are necessary.