Autumn Semester 2020 takes place in a mixed form of online and classroom teaching.
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Geomatic Engineering and Planning Bachelor Information
2. Semester
First Year Examinations (2. Sem.)
401-0242-00LAnalysis II Information O7 credits5V + 2UC. Busch
401-0612-00LStatistics and Probability Theory Information O5 credits3V + 1UL. Meier
252-0846-00LComputer Science II Information O4 credits2V + 2UF. O. Friedrich
151-0510-00LEngineering Mechanics Information O6 credits4GS. P. Kaufmann
103-0132-00LGeodetic Metrology Fundamentals Restricted registration - show details O6 credits4G + 3PA. Wieser, E. Friedli
First Year Project Work
101-0510-00LFirst Year Project Work Restricted registration - show details O3 credits6ALecturers
4. Semester
Compulsory Courses 4. Semester
Examination Block 2
103-0325-01LPlanning II Information O5 credits4GB. Scholl, A. Grams Dietziker, F. Günther
103-0234-02LGIS IIO5 credits4GM. Raubal
Examination Block 3
In place of the German course 851-0722-00 Sachenrecht students can take the French course 851-0712-00 Introduction au Droit public.
103-0274-00LImage Processing Information O3 credits2GJ. D. Wegner
103-0153-00LCartography IIO5 credits4GL. Hurni
103-0254-01LPhotogrammetry Information O5 credits4GK. Schindler
851-0722-00LProperty Law Restricted registration - show details
Only for Geomatics Engineering and Planning BSc.

No credit points for "Compulsory Electives GESS".
O2 credits2VM. Huser
851-0712-00LIntroduction to Public Law (French)W2 credits2VY. Nicole
101-0414-00LTransport Planning (Transportation I) Information O3 credits2GK. W. Axhausen
Additional Compulsory Courses
102-0516-01LEnvironmental Impact AssessmentO3 credits2GA. Grêt-Regamey, G. Nussbaumer
6. Semester
Elective Blocks
Elective Block: GIS, Photogrammetry and Cartography
103-0255-01LGeodata AnalysisW2 credits2GI. Giannopoulos
103-0265-00LPhotogrammetry II Information W2 credits2GK. Schindler, E. Baltsavias
Elective Block: Geosdesy and Geodetic Metrology
103-0156-01LPrecision NavigationW2 credits2GA. Geiger
103-0146-00LBasics of Geodetic Earth ObservationW2 credits2GM. Rothacher, B. Männel
Elective Block: Spatial Development and Environmental Planning
103-0326-01LSite ManagementW2 credits2GC. Abegg, M. Thoma
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