Autumn Semester 2020 takes place in a mixed form of online and classroom teaching.
Please read the published information on the individual courses carefully.

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Science, Technology, and Policy Master Information
Minor in Natural Sciences and Engineering (ONLY for Regulations 2019)
Urbanization and Planning
102-0838-00LWater Supply, Sanitation and Waste Infrastructure and Services in Developing CountriesW3 credits2GC. Zurbrügg
103-0517-00LUrban and Spatial EconomicsW3 credits2VR. H. van Nieuwkoop
103-0448-01LTransformation of Urban Landscapes
Only for masters students, otherwise a special permit of the lecturer is necessary.
W3 credits2GJ. Van Wezemael, A. Gonzalez
101-0481-00LReadings in Transport PolicyW3 credits2GK. W. Axhausen
051-0162-00LLandscape Architecture II Information
Only for Architecture BSc, Programme Regulations 2011.
W1 credit2VC. Girot
103-0330-00LLandscape Aesthetics Information W2 credits2GR. Rodewald
102-0338-01LWaste Management and Circular EconomyW3 credits2GM. Haupt, U. Baier
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