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Chemical Engineering Bachelor Information
2. Semester
Compulsory Subjects First Year Examinations
529-0012-02LGeneral Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry) IIO4 credits3V + 1UH. Grützmacher, W. Uhlig
529-0012-03LGeneral Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) IIO4 credits3V + 1UP. Chen, A. Bach
529-0012-01LPhysical Chemistry I: Thermodynamics Information O4 credits3V + 1UF. Merkt
551-0016-00LBiology IIO2 credits2VM. Stoffel, E. Hafen
401-0272-00LMathematical Foundations I: Analysis BO3 credits2V + 1UT. Bühler
401-0622-00LMathematical Foundations II: Linear Algebra and StatisticsO3 credits2V + 1UM. Dettling
Laboratory Courses
529-0230-00LInorganic and Organic Chemistry I Restricted registration - show details
Enrolment only possible up to the beginning of the semester.
O8 credits12PJ. W. Bode
4. Semester
Compulsory Subjects Examination Block I
529-0122-00LInorganic Chemistry IIO3 credits3GM. Kovalenko, M. L. Viciu
529-0222-00LOrganic Chemistry IIO3 credits2V + 1UJ. W. Bode
529-0431-00LPhysical Chemistry III: Molecular Quantum Mechanics Restricted registration - show details O4 credits4GB. H. Meier, M. Ernst
402-0044-00LPhysics IIO4 credits3V + 1UM. R. Meyer
529-0058-00LAnalytical Chemistry IIO3 credits3GD. Günther, M.‑O. Ebert, P. Lienemann, R. J. Looser, G. Schwarz
529-0625-00LChemical EngineeringO3 credits3GW. J. Stark
Laboratory Courses
529-0054-00LPhysical and Analytical ChemistryO10 credits15PE. C. Meister, R. Zenobi, M. Badertscher, M.‑O. Ebert, B. Hattendorf
6. Semester
Compulsory Subjects
Examination Block Catalysis and Heterogeneous Process Engineering
529-0502-00LCatalysisO4 credits3GJ. A. van Bokhoven, M. Ranocchiari
529-0633-00LHeterogeneous Reaction EngineeringO4 credits3GJ. Pérez-Ramírez, C. Mondelli
151-0926-00LSeparation Process Technology I Information O4 credits3GM. Mazzotti
Examination Block Process Engineering
529-0580-00LRisk Analysis of Chemical Processes and ProductsO4 credits3GK. Hungerbühler
529-0031-00LChemical Process Control Information O3 credits3GR. Grass
151-0940-00LModelling and Mathematical Methods in Process and Chemical Engineering Information O4 credits3GM. Mazzotti
Case Studies
529-0549-02LCase Studies in Process Design IIO3 credits3AK. Hungerbühler, E. Capón García, A. Szijjarto, A. Zogg
Compulsory Electives in Humanities, Social and Political Sciences
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