The spring semester 2021 will certainly take place online until Easter. Exceptions: Courses that can only be carried out with on-site presence. Please note the information provided by the lecturers.

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Environmental Sciences Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2016)
Social Sciences and Humanities
Module Political and Social Sciences
701-0712-00LUse and Perception of Nature Among Societies Outside EuropeW2 credits2V
701-0712-00 VNaturbeziehungen in aussereuropäischen Gesellschaften2 hrs
Tue13-15LFW E 13 »
T. Haller Merten
701-0786-00LMediation in Environmental Planning: Theory and Case Studies.W2 credits2G
701-0786-00 GMediationsverfahren in der Umweltplanung: Grundlagen und Anwendungen
Dazu 2. Semesterhälfte Blockkurs voraussichtlich 29.4., ganzer Nachmittag sowie 06.05., ganzer Nachmittag.
2 hrs
Wed/117-19CHN G 22 »
22.04.17-19CHN G 22 »
K. Siegwart
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